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What is a retirement village?

Posted on 19/06/2024 by Parklands

A retirement village is an umbrella term generally used to describe a form of development where people of retirement age reside. In the USA, this is often understood as a community complex where people of retirement age choose to live amongst their peers to help maximise their enjoyment.  It is a very popular concept, and has seen increasing growth in Great Britain over recent years. In the UK, the term was traditionally perceived as a label for care homes, sheltered housing, and groups of elderly people who require extra assistance day-to-day. Now, the term is evolving to include a new style of living, where people of retirement age reside within a community of people of a similar age (around 55+ years old) out of choice rather than necessity.

The Different Forms & Rules

Retirement villages can now be seen in apartment blocks and park home developments exclusively for individuals that match their age criteria (often 50+). It is often key to the retirement village experience, that residents remain completely independent.

Rules are attached to living in a retirement village. For example, some retirement villages allow individuals to have pets, while others may have limits or not allow pets at all. Using ourselves at Parklands of Lincoln as a real-life example, we allow residents to have a maximum of two pets.

The purpose of these rules is to enforce safety guidance and provide assurance about the environment: They help ensure minimal disruption from neighbours and maintain the development’s appearance.

Why Do People Move to Retirement Villages?

One of the main appeals of retirement villages is the sense of community they offer. The social context provides a welcoming environment for people of a similar age. Opportunities to make new friends are more available compared to conventional housing, and the social conditions emphasise neighbourliness, with neighbours looking out for one another.

The circumstances that draw people to retirement villages are unique to each individual, but common motives include:

  • Downsizing to free up capital and reduce home maintenance
  • Seeking safe and secure neighbourhood
  • Being part of a community and improving social life
  • Proximity to essential services and amenities
  • Having the ability to go away for extended periods, knowing that their home is watched over and grounds are well kept

Experience Parklands of Lincoln

Retirement villages represent a concept that offers a blend of independence, community, and security for people of retirement age. Whether you are looking to downsize, seek a safer living environment, or simply wish to be part of a like-minded community, a retirement village like Parklands of Lincoln could be ideal.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘retirement village,’ but find it interesting, come and visit us at Parklands of Lincoln; we are a small retirement village in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Newcomers are always surprised at the standard of homes, well-kept grounds, and welcoming neighbours, and for many, it offers the perfect solution. We invite you to speak with other residents and get their perspective on what life is like here.

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