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The distinction between a residential park home and holiday park home licence

Posted on 11/03/2024 by Parklands

Navigating the differences between residential and holiday park home sites can be perplexing for newcomers to park home living, especially when influenced by unscrupulous sales tactics. It’s essential for potential park home residents to exercise vigilance and comprehend these distinctions before making a purchase.

At Parklands of Lincoln, transparency is paramount. Our residential site licence ensures a clear understanding between buyer and seller, with both parties signing and agreeing to the terms outlined in the Written Statement Mobile Homes Act. Crucially, this licence mandates that the purchased home must be used as the primary residence, allowing for year-round occupancy.

Holiday home site licences, on the other hand, can be deceptive, as some permit year-round occupancy, implying permanent residency. However, this is not the case. Regardless of the duration, a holiday site licence designates the home as a second residence, necessitating another primary address. This may impact essential matters like registering with a local GP and could pose complications with the local Council.

Regrettably, some holiday parks mislead buyers by marketing their holiday homes as residential. Unaware of the consequences, buyers only realize the mistake after settling into their new home. If you aspire to make a park home your main residence, exercise caution during site visits. Ask the crucial question: “Do you have a residential site licence?” Request to review a copy, typically included in the Written Statement.

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