There are a good number of park home manufacturers each with their own distinct range and style. From contemporary to classic, there is a park home design and style to suit you.

To give you complete freedom, you can even create your new park home from scratch. For most people, the park home manufacturer’s standard layouts/homes provide a base to build from. This provides a template that you can tailor to your needs. For example, a layout/home may include a study. Perhaps you would rather not have a study and instead use that additional space for a larger bedroom and/or living room. These alterations are part of the park home manufacturer’s service. The manufacturer’s layouts provide a starting point to adapt your residential park homes to however you want it, including flooring, wallpaper, tiles and anything/everything else to help create your home.

You may prefer the exterior of one home, but want the interior layout of another park home. Park homes can be adapted to however you want them. At Parklands, we are always here to help advise when it is wanted. If you want us to, we’ll help select homes relevant to your needs, style and budget so that you have an easier time making your choices, and we can accompany you to the park home manufacturer’s factory when it comes to building the specification for your home – to help ensure all your choices are the best ones.

Park Home Manufacturers include:

Omar Park Homes


Prestige Park Homes

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