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Sell Your Home Faster | Newsletter, August 2011

Posted on 02/10/2013 by Parklands

Introducing the ‘Get Moving’ scheme

We recognise at Parklands that selling your house in today’s market is a tough job. We have a line of customers waiting to move to Parklands but understandably needing to sell their house first. We will do all that we can to help make that move to Parklands a reality. That is why we have introduced the ‘Get Moving’ scheme. It has only just been introduced but is proving very popular

The premise behind the scheme is that Parklands will make up any reasonable shortfall in the purchase of your house from a prospective buyer. Here’s how the scheme works:

In collaboration with Parklands, you and estate agents, we calculate a value for your house with the intention of selling within a six-week period. Once you agree with that figure and you are commited to buy a home at Parklands of Lincoln, that figure then becomes the guaranteed selling price of your house. If a prospective buyer places an offer for your house which is below the guaranteed selling price and Parklands of Lincoln deems the offer as reasonable, we will make up the shortfall ensuring that you obtain the value originally agreed as the guaranteed selling price.

The Get Moving scheme not only can encourage a speedier sale of your house, but it also gives you the opportunity to budget accurately for what you can afford as your new park home; no more having to wait to see your move become a reality.

Give Parklands of Lincoln a call with no obligation and we’ll see that you ‘Get Moving’.

The New Prestige Concerto Showhome has been Re-Released

The Prestige Concerto has just been re-released onto the market after a previous sale fell through. A beautiful home, designed perfectly for this position; this 44×20′ Prestige Concerto’s attractively designed double apex roof is accentuated by the patio and steps that lead up to it. The feedback that we have from viewers is the home’s “spaciousness” and “airiness.” The style and layout of the home have been made to impress, but surprisingly it remains excellent value at £145,000.

Thank you for Coming to See Us

A big thank to all those that visited the park during our Open Weekend. It was a true success and introduced a new stream of people to the park home concept who could not believe the standards of our residential park homes – or of the park itself. Following from the Open Weekend, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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