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Are park homes cold in winter?

Posted on 26/03/2024 by Parklands

Living in a park home can be a wonderful experience, but many people wonder if these homes are warm enough during the winter months. Let’s delve into the question: Are park homes cold in the winter?

The Park Home BS3632 standard

The Park Home BS3632 standard is an important set of guidelines for the construction of park homes in the United Kingdom. The British Standards Institution introduced this standard to help ensure that park homes are durable, energy efficient and provide a high-quality living environment for residents. 

The standard covers a wide range of criteria that park home manufacturers must meet. These include:

  • Minimum thermal insulation requirements: Park homes must have sufficient insulation in their floors, walls and roofs to reduce heat loss and lower energy bills. The standard sets clear specifications on insulation thickness which should be a minimum of 50mm.
  • Ventilation provisions: Enough ventilation must be provided to avoid condensation issues and promote good indoor air quality. Trickle vents, extract fans and passive stacks are typical ventilation methods used.
  • Fire safety: Materials used must meet fire resistance standards. Escape routes and fire alarm systems may also be required, depending on the park home design.
  • Structural stability: The structure must withstand expected wind, snow and floor loads. Engineering calculations are required to prove stability.

By meeting the comprehensive BS3632 standard, park home residents can have confidence they are getting a quality home that is durable, comfortable and safe. 

How much does a park home cost to run?

Manufacturer Willerby states that park homes and lodges have lower running costs than expected, estimated to be £1.37 a day using the domestic EPC/SAP method with mains gas. This is significantly less than a 1960s bungalow, which costs around £2.65 a day, saving approximately £450 per year.  

Are park homes warm and energy-efficient?

The key is to select a high-quality park home that’s properly insulated and built to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round. Some quality features include:

Insulation quality: The insulation quality of a park home plays a crucial role in how warm it stays during the winter. Modern park homes are designed with advanced insulation materials that can effectively retain heat, keeping the interior cosy even when the temperatures drop outside.

Double glazing: Many park homes come equipped with double-glazed windows, which provide an extra layer of insulation against the cold. This feature helps to prevent heat from escaping and cold drafts from entering, ensuring a comfortable living environment throughout the winter season.

Heating systems: Proper heating systems are essential for maintaining a warm temperature inside a park home during the winter. Most park homes have efficient heating systems that can quickly warm up the space, providing a welcoming retreat from the chilly weather outside.

Skirting and underfloor insulation: Skirting and underfloor insulation are often overlooked aspects of a park home’s insulation system. These components help to prevent heat loss through the floors, ensuring that the living space remains warm and comfortable even in the coldest months of the year.

In conclusion, park homes can indeed be warm and cosy during the winter, provided that they are well-insulated, equipped with double-glazed windows, and have efficient heating systems in place. By paying attention to these key factors, residents can enjoy a comfortable living environment throughout the winter season.

Remember, investing in proper insulation and heating solutions for your park home can significantly enhance your winter living experience. Stay warm, stay comfortable, and enjoy the beauty of winter from the warmth of your own park home.

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