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Q&As to Tingdene Park Homes To Find Out What Distinguishes Them From Their Competitors

Posted on 14/08/2018 by Parklands

We have previously put together a set questions and distributed them to main park home manufacturers. The questions were aimed at helping you to understand each of the park home manufacturers a bit better – and what differentiates them. We’ve previously published responses from Prestige Park Home’s/Homeseeker’s and Omar Park Homes. This week, it’s Tingdene Park Home’s turn in the limelight.


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Whereabouts are you based and can people come and visit your factory?

Tingdene Homes Ltd have their production and exhibition centre located at Bradfield Road, Finedon Rd Ind Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 4HB.

The exhibition centre is the largest indoor arena showcasing Park and Leisure homes in the UK. Tingdene Park Homes currently offer 7 homes on permanent display for viewing including 2 Holiday Lodges. Tingdene Park Homes also promote factory tours providing an insight into the world of Park Home and Holiday Lodge manufacturing.

What’s your most popular park home? (And why do you think that is?)

Our most popular residential park home over the last 5 years has to be the Barnwell. The Barnwell has been the go to home for developers who wish to promote Show Homes and with its traditional yet stylish exterior and interior the Barnwell represents extremely good value for the middle market.

Do you have plans to release any new park home models? (If so when? And what can we expect?)

Tingdene Park Homes will be pleased to announce a number of new designs for 2019 including at least 2 new models to be showcased at the Stoneleigh Show in June 2019.  This is a commitment going forward and Tingdene Park Homes have invested heavily in a new design team focused on providing new concepts and creative schemes for new park homes.

In relation to EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), how energy efficient are your homes with conserving heat and helping to save on energy bills?

Tingdene Park Homes are seen by most as offering a high level of efficiency in their homes and an indication of the typical U-Values of a home can be seen below.

External walls – U-Value of 0.35

Roof – U-Value of 0.17

Floor- U-Value of 0.32

 Each Tingdene Home will come complete with the NCC Energy Efficiency Rating Scheme data sheet.   

Tingdene Park Homes are the only manufacturer to supply a Mapei 10-year render which only requires reapplication after the first 10 years thereby providing you with another 10 years of protection and a saving of around £8,000!


What do you think distinguishes you from other park home manufacturers?

Tingdene Park Homes Homes are the pioneers of manufacturing Park Homes and Holiday Lodges and still to this day drive new and innovative ideas into the industry. Tingdene Park Homes will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2019 and still stand out as the leading manufacturer within the industry.

Not only do Tingdene PArk Homes have 50 years of experience in producing homes we also own Park Home and Holiday Home developments and Marinas. Tingdene Park homes truly stand out within the sector.

You can visit Tingdene’s web-site by visiting

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