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The longevity of park homes – are they built to last?

Posted on 25/09/2023 by Parklands

Park homes are structurally quite different from traditional, bricks and mortar properties. Instead of being built on-site, they’re constructed in factories – and instead of being built using bricks, they’re instead built upon a timber frame and a steel base. They may look like small bungalows, but the design and construction of a park home is entirely different.

Naturally, this raises questions about durability. We’re used to traditional properties lasting practically forever if they’re well cared for, but can the same be said of park homes? Will your purchase serve you in the longer run, or will your new home wear out quicker than you anticipated? Let’s take a closer look.

Built to a high standard

Modern residential park homes are most definitely built to last, especially if you choose one from a top brand like Omar or Prestige & Homeseeker. Nowadays, each and every home that leaves the factory must adhere to a strict set of guidelines in the form of British Standard BS 3632. This standard is unique to park homes and is much more strict than those for a static caravan.  New homes typically come with a 10-year structural warranty similar in principal to an NHBC (a popular 10-year warranty scheme used for new build brick and mortar homes).

In practice, this means that park homes must be well insulated, energy efficient and resistant to the elements:  They’re designed and built to live in for the whole year and residents frequently comment on how well insulated the homes are with lower gas and electric bills compared to what they paid previously.  When people visit a park home for the first time, it’s commonly mentioned that ‘they’re just like a ‘normal’ bungalow, because of how well built they feel.

How long do park homes last?

Park homes built from reputable manufactuers will follow British Standard BS 3632 and offer an initial 10-year structural warranty which can often be extended. The evidence to their longevity can be easily found by viewing homes much older than 10-years up and down the country.

Maintenance of your park home is imperative. Like any home or property, park homes need a little TLC every now and then.  Provided you keep up with maintenance and choose a well-built home from the outset, there’s really no limit to the lifespan of your home. 70, 80 or even 90 years isn’t out of the question, and the steel and timber skeleton can always be repaired as time goes on.

In essence then, if you’re worried about the longevity of a park home, don’t: they’re built to such a high standard that they can serve you for a lifetime. Interested in learning more? Discover our range of new park homes for sale online today.

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