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Buying a park home: Will I need a solicitor?

Posted on 19/02/2024 by Parklands

It’s unsurprising that 159,000 people live in park homes across the UK’s almost 2,000 sites. Often set in picturesque countryside or seaside locations, park homes offer an affordable and low-maintenance housing option to those looking to downsize and release equity from their brick-and-mortar property.

Couples are often drawn to the sense of community, proximity to activities and amenities, and financial freedom that come with a park home site. But how easy is it to make a purchase of this kind, and do you need a solicitor to buy a park home? We’ll be giving you all the information you need to make your park home dreams a reality in this comprehensive guide.

How do I buy a park home?

Purchasing a park home can be quite the process; first, you’ll need to settle on a budget and location for your new abode. It’s important to note that although you’ll be purchasing your home, you’ll rent the pitch or plot upon which it sits in the form of site fees, so you’ll need to take this into consideration when managing your budget.

Perhaps a particular site has drawn you to consider purchasing a park home. If you’re not yet set on the location of your new home, viewing a range of sites is a good place to start.

During your visits, speak with both the owners/management of the site and current residents to ensure the site is well-run and your fellow home-owners will make your retirement a positive experience. Through visiting a range of sites, you’ll be able to build a picture of your site ‘must-haves’ and decide where you’d like to site your park home.

Understanding your needs in terms of the home itself is the next step in this exciting process; what size home would provide the comfort you need, which layout would best suit your lifestyle, and what energy-efficient features are important to you? You may be lucky enough to find that the perfect park home is already situated on the site of your dreams. Transportation is an option – and an expense to consider if you find a park home to purchase elsewhere.

Do you need a solicitor to buy a park home?

Once you’ve selected your dream home, it’s time to move forward with the more practical steps of the purchase. But is the support of a legal advisor really necessary? Purchasing a park home without a solicitor’s expert eye is a risky business.

Below are just some of the tasks a specialist solicitor can support you with during your purchase:

  • Due diligence: ensuring that all parties are legitimate and your funds are transferred securely.
  • Legal expertise: drafting and reviewing contracts so that you understand your responsibilities as a park home owner and site resident.
  • Negotiation: the input and expertise of a third party can be incredibly useful where negotiation is required.

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Selecting your site and home are the first steps to achieving the lifestyle you desire – take a look at our park homes for sale now, and you might just find yourself enjoying Parklands of Lincoln’s stunning semi-rural site.

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