Insurance for Park Homes

Like conventional housing, many people choose to take out park home insurance. Park home insurance premiums tend to be in line with standard house insurance.

If you own a park home or are considering purchasing one, something you may want to consider is park home insurance. Whilst living on a park home development can provide a very safe environment to live in, park home insurance gives that extra peace of mind in the unlikely event of things going wrong. Like with a conventional house, many residents want to take out that extra protection on their home and belongings with insurance.

Generally speaking, standard home insurance does not cover residential park homes or the intricate details in their terms can invalidate your policy so it’s advised to protect your home with a specialist provider. Park home insurance provider’s costs are largely in line with that of standard home insurance companies. As is the nature of the business, it can be worth your while to shop around for the best deal.

Not knowing where to look, some people choose to get their cover through a broker but it can often be well worth your while seeking out the rates from park home insurance companies directly. If you’re looking to protect your new park homes with a insurance, then please get in touch. Whilst we are not allowed to advise on any insurance policy/provider, we will be more than happy to help where we can and forward contact details to you of some park home insurance companies that are available.

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