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How to go About Buying a Park Home | April 2013

Posted on 03/04/2013 by Parklands

A Question That we Often Hear is “How do I go About Buying a Park Home?”
Buying a park home can sometimes seem a confusing process. It can often put people off the idea of park homes before they’ve even had a serious chance to consider it. It is a shame, as there are many positive reasons why moving to a park home development can offer a life enhancing experience.

Where Do I Start?
Often it is only once people have seen the standards of new park homes that they begin to seriously consider moving to a park home development, but it’s at this stage that they become confused as to where to start: Do they start by finding the park home, or the right park to place their home?

Whilst there is no concrete answer to this, our advice would be to find the park first: The retail price displayed by residential park home manufacturers is not a true indication to the total cost of the home once it has been sited on a park. Like bricks and mortar, location can play a huge part in the eventual price.

Parks can often have size restrictions in place as well: Without having this knowledge, it is impossible to know what will be acceptable to the eventual park development that the buyer decides to move on to.

What to Look for in a Park?
When looking at parks there is of course an enormous amount to consider. We’ve highlighted some of the elements that can be easily overlooked.

* Does the park comply with the Written Statement Mobile homes Act?
* Is the park a member of the BH&HPA?
* Are utility services paid directly by the residents?
* Does the park allow pets?
* Does the park have any security enhancing features?

Parklands of Lincoln is a park home development with 20 plots and complies with all of these elements and in most cases actually goes further.

Finding the Home
It’s also worth mentioning at this point that showhomes on parks can often provide better value than purchasing a specific home from a manufacturer. At Parklands we currently have a 2 bedroom 20×40’ Prestige Reprise that is on the market at £139,995. It’s a favourable price for the standards, spec and design of this luxurious home. [click here for more details]

Some people prefer to choose their own home. There are a plethora of park home manufacturers to choose from (We’ll discuss the different manufacturers in a future newsletter). At Parklands of Lincoln we can help select the best manufacturers for our park; taking into account value for money and our own past experience with these companies.

Generally speaking, once a home and park had been agreed, a deposit will be asked for in order to secure the home and a plot on the park. Inevitably there is some paper work involved with the order. This should include the Written Statement Mobile Homes Act and a good park should also have a set of rules to ensure that it remains a pleasant environment to live in.

How long it will take to construct a home is dependant on the park home manufacturer e.g. how busy they are, how large the firm is etc.
The key to making the experience of buying and living in a park home a positive one is to find a good park development. At Parklands we continuously strive to ensure that you can make the most of your retirement and we’re situated within walking distance of all essentials including a medical centre, supermarket and post office to make life a bit easier.

The whole process of purchasing a park home can be simpler and less costly than buying , bricks and mortar, but it’s that old adage ‘it’s easy once you know how.’

Call Andrew on 01522 720280 and we can arrange a time for you to visit Parklands and see for yourself what we can offer you.

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