New Park Homes For Sale

Parklands is a relatively new park home development so there is the benefit of having new park homes for sale. Not only does a new park home benefit from having everything from new, but the added protection of a guarantee. Our new park homes for sale typically come with a ten year structural warranty similar in concept to an NHBC. Two of the most popular warranty schemes used by park home manufacturers are the Gold Shield warranty and the Platinum Seal Warranty. Both offer full structural cover over ten years.

There remains a limited number of vacant plots available for your new park home to be sited with different positions and sizes.  You can view more by looking at our map.

There are a good number of park home manufacturers available up and down the country and you can read more about some of them here. New park homes for sale that are made to order from a manufacturer will need to be purchased through Parklands in order to be sited onto the park.

A new park home can be tailored to exactly how you want it; from tiles, curtains, flooring – you can even design the layout and the appearance of the home which can be particularly advantageous when choosing a particular plot.

Before choosing which park home it is that you like, it is advised that you contact us, so that we can give you some indication with the price of the park homes. We can also help select park homes suited to your budget and style. It is worth mentioning that some manufacturers list an ex-works price but this does not give an accurate indication to the eventual cost of a home when it is in situ on a park development. As is the case with a bricks and mortar home, there are many other aspects at play here, including e.g. infrastructure, and also location can play a significant factor with ultimate costs.

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